Assessment Library

Pre-Developed Assessment Instruments

ACE Metrics offers a robust library of performance assessments instruments that are supported by validity and reliability evidence for most professional purposes, including high-stakes assessment. The instruments in the library offer cost-effective solutions and timely implementation for most assessment needs.

The library includes assessment instruments for formative and summative assessment purposes, with varying degrees of detail and complexity of measurement. Measurement parameters and scoring for all assessment instrumentation is based on best-practices in measurement science and statistics.

The assessment library includes instrumentation for nursing, medicine, surgery, and health professions specialties, and are useful for training, certification and maintenance of certification processes, routine quality and safety monitoring, and research purposes.

License Pricing:

Assessment instrument pricing is scalable to meet your needs. Licenses are good for one year of unlimited instrument use. Licenses may be automatically renewed for your convenience.
  • 1 Instrument – $250 / year
  • 5 – 25 Instrument pre-packaged bundles – $1100 – $6000 / year
  • Custom Bundles – Contact Us for a Quote  

To view a list of available assessment instruments:

Open Instrument Library

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Assessment Instrument License Includes :
  • Access to licensed assessment instruments  for use with your preferred implementation method (web-based, App-based, PDF, etc.) 
  • Ability to manage assessment data tied to instrument license(s).
  • Access to ACE Metrics training resources.
  • Access to ACE Metrics technical support team.
Note: To assure psychometric integrity is maintained,  purchased  assessment instruments from the Ace Metrics library are not editable.